What to Consider to Create Lab Efficiency

What to Consider to Create Lab Efficiency

Workplace efficiency and flow are important to maintaining a productive lab environment.  This requires extensive planning and awareness to the logistics of the lab space and how it functions.  When you are preparing a dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX to function safely and properly, you need to consider the placement of all the furniture and equipment.  These are a few things you need to consider when you are planning the logistics of the lab equipment and lab design.

Know What Fits

First and foremost, you want to become familiar with the space you are filling.  If you choose equipment that is too big or bulky, you could end up with many headaches and difficult returns.  Avoid this by taking measurements before ordering equipment.  Hiring consulting services that will work with you to create a design that optimizes the space in your lab is a great way to implement practical and effective laboratory solutions.  These companies will be able to consider things you may neglect, such as clearances, top recommendations, and effective solutions for your concerns.

Consider the Heat

Labs that are running consistently will produce a lot of heat.  You will need to consider this when planning for your equipment.  You will likely need a cooling system to regulate the internal temperature of your lab and keep your staff and equipment from overheating.  Understanding how heat-generating equipment will work in your space is critical in ensuring the full productivity of your lab.

Be Flexible

Some lab equipment will not be anchored to one specific location because it will require movement.  You will need to account for the space that is required to move these pieces of equipment and ensure there is enough clearance to do so.  Remove obstacles and don't overcrowd areas with mobile equipment to keep them accessible.

Implement Storage

All labs will want to have adequate storage for additional equipment and other lab supplies.  When you purchase equipment and materials in bulk, you'll save lots of money.  However, you need to place to keep these supplies until they are needed.  Whenever you are choosing your equipment, don't overcommit if you don't have the space.  Also, consider buying cabinetry and shelving units to help keep things stored and organized for easy future usage.

These are a few tips to follow when you are planning the design and flow of your lab and arranging all the equipment.  When you want to create a quality dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, you will want to follow safety protocols and consider workflow logistics.  Contact us to hear about how we prioritize productivity in our lab today.

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