Six Tasks of a Medical Lab Technician

Six Tasks of a Medical Lab Technician

Once patient samples are sent to a lab facility, many people do not even ask questions about how it is handled or tested.  Patients simply wait for their doctor to call them with the results from these tests that have been in the hands of many lab technicians.  As a dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, we train our lab technicians to provide the best and most reliable service for our medical clients and their patients.  These are just a few of the responsibilities of a medical lab technician.

Set Up Equipment

Lab technicians are responsible for setting up the lab equipment each day.  When they get into work, they will likely have a list of all the tests that need to be run that day, or at least that morning.  They can set up their workstations to take care of the tests that need to be performed so that the day runs smoothly.

Maintain Lab Equipment

Technicians also need to maintain the lab equipment so that it stays in optimal shape for running tests.  Although they may not be required to perform the maintenance themselves, they need to communicate any repairs or issues with their managers so that it can be performed.  Because they operate this equipment daily, they are most familiar with the ways it should function.

Prepare Solutions for Testing

Lab testing requires solutions, chemicals, and mixtures to test patient samples correctly.  At the start of each workday or work week, these solutions need to be mixed and prepared.  Lab technicians will take time to do this whenever it is necessary for each test.  Some solutions can be prepared in advance, while others may need to be mixed right before the test.  Lab technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to make these solutions for lab tests.

Handle Samples Properly and Safely

By handling patient samples properly, technicians can ensure that patient tests will not be tampered with or contaminated in any way.  This is an important step in the process, as it is how labs keep their quality assurance.

Perform Testing

Lab technicians also perform many of the tests that are done in the lab.  Often, they can read the results of these tests and analyze the data to help with diagnoses, but this may be done by their managers or other lab specialists.  When you send your samples to lab facility, they will likely be both handled and tested by the trained technicians.

Follow Safety Regulations

It is essential that lab technicians follow all the safety regulations that keep everyone safe in the lab facility.  When they follow these regulations, they will be able to keep themselves and their patients safe from contamination, hazards, faulty diagnoses, and other lab issues that may arise.

These are just a few of the responsibilities that a medical lab technician has when they are at work.  Because this job requires attention to detail, proper safety considerations, and data analysis, it requires someone who loves science.  If you are looking to hear more about the qualifications of our lab technicians and the capabilities offered at our dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, contact Kai Medical Laboratory to hear more today.

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