5 Features of a Dermatology Pathology Lab Everyone Should Know

5 Features of a Dermatology Pathology Lab Everyone Should Know

Dermatology pathology lab workings often hide in the background of dermatology services. As a result, many patients and doctors alike do not recognize the valuable dermatology pathology lab offerings that can keep dermatology clinics running smoothly.

Dermatology clinics can partner better with dermpath labs by learning how the lab oversees transport, manages correlation, completes request forms, employs skilled lab techs, and covers the cost of EMR interfaces.


In most cases transporting tissue samples from a dermatology clinic is the dermpath lab’s responsibility. Over 20 million tissue samples are accumulated every year in the United States, so transportation and receiving demand careful management. A dermatologist will prepare biopsy specimens in containers with packaging and labels supplied by the lab, but it is up to the lab to ensure that the materials arrive safely. An inventory is performed on all tissue samples to count every bottle and confirm that the orders match the tissue samples once the lab receives the shipment. This can help to catch any errors upfront before biopsies are given to lab technicians and dermatopathologists. Missing specimens can be highly frustrating for patients and dermatologists, so they are carefully avoided.

Request forms

Request forms contain essential patient information, including:

  • Biopsy site
  • Type and duration of lesions
  • Patient's age and any past treatments or illnesses.

This information provided by your dermatologist ensures that the dermatopathologist has all the required data to help make a proper diagnosis. However, once the laboratory reviews the request form, they often find that there is missing information. A good dermatology pathology lab will make it a point to reach out to the dermatologist to fill in the missing data so the doctor understands the case unquestionably.


Dermatologists and patients rely on the dermpath lab partner to deliver accurate and timely results. With the high occurrence of skin cancer in America, there is always the chance that a dermatopathologist has difficulty with a lab case. The specialist can request correlation from dermatopathologist associates or outside consultants to avoid misdiagnosing challenging skin biopsies. The best dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, frequently correlates with other industry experts and uses assistance from digital pathology images available for review. Technology makes it possible for multiple specialists to correspond and share information instantly on a problematic specimen.

Skilled lab technicians

Qualified lab technicians are the right hand of every great dermatopathologist. Processing, cutting, embedding, and staining specimens is the responsibility of the lab technician. However, a lab technician's level of skill and expertise in a Dermatology and Pathology Lab can often be overlooked.

EMR interface

EMR interfaces are systems to manage, store, and recall patient information. These systems often are known for helping physicians avoid dangerous medical mistakes, improve care, and reduce costs. For example, when a dermatologist’s office has an active EMR system, they have maximized their capabilities through partnership with dermpath lab that embraces the process of digitally distributing and synchronizing information between the lab and the clinic.

Dermatology clinics may be surprised that dermpath labs are responsible for providing and installing an EMR interface. The dermpath lab will also train staff on how to use the system efficiently and effectively.

 A dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, offers many beneficial functions that people don't get to see. Understanding the importance of these services can ensure that a dermatologist practice has the technology and tools to provide patients and partners with the most optimal experience possible.

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