Five Reasons You Should Use Kai Medical Laboratory as Your Premiere Lab Choice

Five Reasons You Should Use Kai Medical Laboratory as Your Premiere Lab Choice

Are you a medical practice looking for a quality laboratory facility to partner with?  Do you want to provide your patients with the best lab services in the Texas area?  At Kai Medical Laboratory, we are an expert dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX that strives to provide the utmost care and knowledge to all of our lab services.  We offer many services and trainings that set us apart from the rest.  There are a few great reasons why you should partner with our medical lab facility for your medical practice needs.

We Are Experts

One of the most important factors that medical practices consider when looking for lab testing facilities is their expertise.  This is extremely important, because they want to make sure that they have the right partner for their business.  We have the knowledge and expertise to perform the diagnostic tests you need performed within the time frame you are looking for results.

We Offer Many Services

Our lab services range from hematology, hormone testing, endocrinology, toxicology, and immunology.  These tests are designed to help many of our medical practices with the specialty they deserve for their patients.  We can also provide wellness panels, vitamin testing, and other overall health tests to help provide information to your patients.  Our research and practice varies so that we can meet many needs of our clients.

We Have Quality Customer Service

Medical practices want to ensure that they are capable of clear and concise communication with the lab they choose to work with.  Excellent customer service is required for a lab to become trustworthy and reliable.  Whenever medical professionals have questions about the testing and results they need from the lab, they want to be able to easily contact them to receive or transmit important information.  You can expect this from Kai Medical Laboratory.

We Have Quick Turn Around Times

Many diagnostic tests done are typically time-sensitive, as patients are waiting patiently for their results before they are given any instructions on how to further proceed.  Treatments and course of actions are determined based on the results that come from the lab, so it is a critical part of the process.  We understand the timeliness that is required and strive to provide results as quickly as possible.

We Have Credibility

Lab facilities must be certified and have accreditations related to the jobs they perform.  Medical practices will only trust those that have that credibility and follow certain regulations.  Our lab facility meets all the necessary regulations to run smoothly and get more business.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are set above our competition as a top medical lab facility in the Texas area.  Our experts and top medical specialists make Kai Medical Laboratory a top dermatology pathology service in Dallas, TX.  Contact us to hear about how we would benefit your medical practice and your patients with our lab services today.

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